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JOHNNY NAKED is a multi-talented artist with a long, established career in the visual arts. He began his artistic endeavors while growing up in the city of Philadelphia, independently honing his photographic & storytelling skills through numerous personal projects.


He then went on to acquire his Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking from Penn State University, where he wrote and directed several short films including SPACE: The Distance Between The Beginning & The End, which was featured at the 25th ANNUAL WORLDFEST-HOUSTON. A prolific visual artist & filmmaker, Johnny's work has been exhibited at galleries and festivals in such cities as Toronto, London, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. His current work is a mixture of photography, filmmaking, performance, & interactivity mixed with an ongoing fascination with the human form and its power as an archetype. Naked's 2006 year-long "The Ever-Changing Naked Picture Project" --where viewers gave their own bodies & creativity to acquire those of another, to literally "Become Art to Get Art"-- became a cult event in LA. His ongoing "Naked Slave 4 Art" project is currently creating both controversy & amusement, with ads in magazines & infomercials on the web, along with other media.


Naked currently resides in Los Angeles, California, making his living as a visual media artist through the crafts of: filmmaking, photography, writing, and acting.

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